GothGlitz Designs is all about Magic and
Fairy tale …

Every little girl loves the idea of fairytale, whether pretty princess or wicked
queen. I want my jewellery to give you that bit of fantasy – each piece has a magic all its own.

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Adrienne Payne.  I’ve been making jewellery ‘properly ‘ since 2005 but have had a love affair with jewellery all my life.  I studied metalworking techniques and design as an art student and am still learning something new every day.  I’m a wife of a busy gameprogrammer/film-maker and a mother of an active small daughter, making my jewellery time less these days, and even more precious.

What do I do?

I make fine and costume jewellery from sterling silver with fine silver (.999 FS) elements made from Precious Metal Clay (PMC). I sometimes use rolled gold and sometimes silver and gold together. I use sterling silver to add strength and durability to the designs, as Fine Silver is softer.

The crystals and gemstones I use are of the finest quality – Swarovski or Czech
crystal/pearls and real pearls/gemstones (all individual pieces will have a
list of elements and their provenance). Some items will have elements which are “Vintage” and are truly unique.

Not wanting to mass-produce or have the designs become “stale”, each
individual piece (unless stated as ‘from stock’) is made to order. This will
usually only add a day or two to delivery times but ensures a very personal and
special piece of jewellery. It also gives the flexibility to include special
touches or adapt an existing design at the client’s request.


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