“One-a-Day” Recycling Challenge – Day 14: Pretty in Pink

I haven’t had much time to do anything today; what with my other half working, playing with my daughter, and looking after (medicating and keeping up fluids) my poorly Frodo.  I didn’t have much energy to create something totally new, so I decided to dip into my scrap pot for old filigree and spiral pieces.

I placed all the chosen pieces on my soldering board and started to move them around, seeing which pieces fit well or looked good together.

When I was pleased with the design, I soldered everything together with hard solder; adding the silver balls where the design was physically weaker or where there were joins.  I also added a bail made from a coil of round 0.8mm wire which I had soldered closed to strengthen it.

After pickling and an hour or so in the tumbler, I sat looking at the piece and decided it looked quite feminine in it’s shape and feel.  So, I got my pink box down (all my gems/crystals are stored or labelled by their colour) and sorted out a CZ gem, Czech crystals and Swarovski® pearls in baby pink.

Okay, today was not a day for pushing my skills in either designing or fabricating, and the end product may not be my most original that I’ve done in this challenge – but it’s a pretty little piece and I have found that pushing myself, even when I’m not in the “zone” for jewellery making, has meant that I’ve created something today when it could have been nothing.

And here it is …

pink swarovski crystals & pearls with cz gem


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