Inspiration Found at The Night Circus pt. 1 – Update

As I’ve said before, I’ve been playing an on-line card and story based game called “ The Night Circus ” based upon a book of the same name by Erin Morgenstern.  I’ve finished the book now, and I can’t recommend it enough.  (Even though I’ve been reading fantasy books since Lord of The Rings at age 7 – and that’s a lot of books – this one still had it’s surprises and I just loved the characters.  This book sweeps you into it’s world and then leaves you wistful for the Night Circus when you finally close the cover.)

Back to the jewellery …

The amazing illustrations in the game are so beautiful and one or two gave me ideas for delicate and ethereal jewellery.  My first design was these earrings (as I have written about in an earlier post):

Well, I decided to make a necklace to go with them.

I extended the design with more leaves –  and as the leaves were so small, I needed to make sure that my previous soldering success wasn’t just a fluke but showing that my skills were improving.

Well, actually, I did melt one of the leaves off the branch as I was soldering; but I didn’t mind because it gave me an idea.  I’ve got these beautiful marquise cut clear CZ gems which I’ve not really done anything with.  I decided to create a leaf shape as a bezel and solder it in place of the other leaf, so that I could add the gem and give the necklace more sparkle.

Making the leaf shape with the bezel wire was done by playing around with the gem and the bezel wire, until I had the shape I wanted and it fitted the gem. Then I made a wire shape to fit which would be soldered in place inside the bezel for the gem to rest on.  The bezel was then soldered to the wire “branch” and the join filed into a gentle curve.

To give the design more movement, I wanted one of the leaves to move.  I cut one of the tiny leaves and attached it to the topmost “twig” by a tiny jump-ring. The rest of the design was made the same as the earrings.

Setting the marquise CZ was trickier than I thought, having not set one in a bezel before.  I cut small notches at both points of the bezel to help push the bezel round the gem without excess silver bunching up and spoiling the setting.

All in all, after polishing and adding a chain, this necklace works well with the earrings.  All three are very light and sparkly, with their own little bit of magic and illusion.


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