“One-a-Day” Recycling Challenge – Day Six: I need The Doctor

It’s ten to two in the morning, but I did finish my daily challenge – even if it is a bit late.  I’ve got a horrible head cold and it’s made everything much harder today (even blinking hurts ).  I had a good dose of sea breezes and sunshine this morning, going to the beach with my husband Chris (www.winterblood.com) and daughter; but I still needed a doctor … well, The Doctor, actually.

Tonight (UK time)  was the last episode of Dr Who for this current series (no spoilers here though!)  – by the time Little Miss was in bed asleep and Chris was home from work it was about 9:30pm and I just couldn’t wait any longer to watch it.  So, the upshot of all this, is that I didn’t actually get to sit down at my bench till 11pm today!

When I first started making jewellery (for other people, anyway), I did a lot of wire-wrapped jewellery.  In my scrap box are lots of pieces from that time which either I didn’t like, didn’t come out as planned, or have just been de-constructed as my skills improved and I wanted to make better pieces.  The wire-wrapped hearts I used for these earrings were originally part of a necklace which didn’t come out as I had wanted.  To start with, I tidied them up a bit, hammered them flat and soldered all the joins/wraps to make them more durable.

I just love the “heliotrope” Swarovski® crystal hearts – the colour is just amazing (blue with flashes of purple).  To hang one from each upside-down heart, I created for each a triangle (with an opening at the bottom and point at the top) to act as a bail and soldered this onto the same gauge round wire.  I sanded the front of the bail flat and soldered onto this a tiny silver heart, which I had cut out from thin silver sheet with my trusty saw and tiny blades.

As it was late and I couldn’t have the tumbler on without waking my daughter up; I used my wonderful silicone wheels to remove any firescale and then polish up the earring components.  It was very quick to do and, although didn’t give the high-shine that the tumbler would have, I liked the more matt finish which contrasted nicely with the sparkle of the crystal hearts.

The round wire was used as a pin on which I threaded two silver round beads and a “dark indigo” Swarovski® crystal.  A loop was added at the top and this was threaded through the loop at the bottom of the heart.  An ear-wire was added to each earring.

Looking at the earrings now, I think there is more than a slight nod to Tardis blue about them.  I’ve still got the sniffles, but at least I got to see one Doctor who made me feel much better today.  🙂


2 responses to ““One-a-Day” Recycling Challenge – Day Six: I need The Doctor

  1. I love these.

  2. Thank you, Nicole 🙂
    It’s nice of you to say so.

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