“One-a-Day” Recycling Challenge – Day Three: Daisy Daisy …

Today I found a ring in the scrap box.  I remember making it for one of my kinetic rings but it either didn’t look quite right or was an extra that I didn’t need in the end – either way, I’m sure it’s been very sad.  So, I decided to cheer up this little ring with a makeover, and flowers!

I’ve seen quite a few rings with decorations that are on stems rather than stuck to the ring itself.  I always wondered how practical they would be to wear.  With this in mind, I decided to keep the stems short for minimal hassle (am I the only one who can get their rings tangled in their hair whilst trying to undo a necklace at the back?) and keep the design rounded with smooth edges and no patterns.

First, I tidied up the ring a bit – making sure it was still round, and giving it a quick file to make sure all edges were smooth.  Next, I found some small bits of 0.4mm thickness silver sheet and drew my flower shape using a metal scribe.  These I cut out with my trusty saw – I’ve invested in some blades with really tiny teeth (Grade 6/0 by Vallorbe from CooksonGold.com), which are great for cutting out shapes and they are really easy to use with no breakages so far (fingers crossed!).  I scored lines to show the petals and then used my doming block to make the daisy shapes look like real flowers (I have an assortment of found items that all work well as doming punches, here I used a metal bar with a rounded end which used to be part of a picture frame stand).  I then hand-drilled a small hole in the middle of each of the daisies and three small holes, spaced apart, in the top of the ring.

For the stems/flower centres I used some salvaged head-pins which had been cut very short when the original beads/crystals had been removed.  On each of these, I threaded a flower and (using paste solder) soldered the flower part way down the head-pin so that the round head became part of the flower.  Then I placed each stem into one of the holes in the ring and let the stems come through a little way.  I soldered these in place with easy solder and then clipped and filed smooth the excess stems from inside the ring.

A quick few minutes in the pickle and a polish with the radial bristle discs (the flexible bristles gently polished everywhere round the flowers) and this is the result:

I will put this into the tumbler for a bright shine, but didn’t want to put the tumbler on just for one piece!


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