“One-a-Day” Recycling Challenge – Day Two

Well, today has been busy – what with taking Frodo to the Vets for his antibiotics, and trying (and mostly failing) to keep up with the messy whirlwind that is my daughter having her own creative day (don’t ask – all you need to know is that there is glitter everywhere!).

My creative day has been mostly about making a locket in PMC fine silver and sterling silver (will post about that when I’ve finished it!); but I’ve still managed to find the time to recycle something else from my scrap.

As I didn’t have as much time as yesterday, I decided to make a pair of earrings out of some wire-work that I had originally made into a pendant.  The shape was originally created on a jig in 1mm round sterling wire and  was basically a symmetrical pattern of long loops (I forgot to take a photo before I started chopping it up – sorry!) to which I had added dangles of crystals and silver beads.

Firstly, I removed everything (to be put away and reused later) apart from the main silver wire shape.  This I cut into two identical pieces and the cut ends I hammered flat before curling into new loops.  Any wires that crossed were gently hammered to flatten the design and to make it easier to solder.  I added a jump ring, with about a quarter cut out, to the top for hanging the earring wire from.  Soldering was done with easy paste solder –  I don’t use the syringe tips now, I find it easier to use my solder pick to smear small amounts of the solder just where I need it.

I also have a box for any PMC silver items that have been fired but not used – some are tests; some are things I have made and then taken apart again; and some are total disasters which may not have been what I wanted, but still interesting enough to keep.  Any mistakes that didn’t make it into the box, I deny all knowledge of!  Anyway, from this box I found two hearts with a hammered texture (done with the round end of a small paintbrush) which used to be a pair of earrings on their own.  These were just perfect for the bottom of my earrings.

I added earring wires in a nice simple design (made from scrap wire too), but something was missing.  It needed something to make it that bit more special.  Well, even though I am a sucker for anything sparkly, this needed something a bit more classic.  I have a unit with all my boxes of gems, crystals and findings, and one box is labelled “Mother of Pearl and Pearls”.  Inside this I have beautiful freshwater pearls that are almost round.  I prefer these because I feel that they have more character than the perfect round ones, and they have the most beautiful lustre.  So, I’ve added to each one, a simple drop with a single pearl and a long sterling bead, which just finished off the earrings perfectly.

And here they are:

Simply stylish pearl and silver earrings


One response to ““One-a-Day” Recycling Challenge – Day Two

  1. so pretty! I have to say I love glitter too!

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