My “One-a-Day Recycling Challenge”

Being a busy mum of an even busier 3½ year old daughter; I don’t have much time in a week to make jewellery.  Mostly, it’s a quick hour here and there, but Fridays are my main working time (when she’s at Nursery!).

Being inspired by both “Ring a Day” reviewed by MetalClayToday and by my habit of not throwing things away; I’ve decided to do a “one-a-day” challenge.

The aim is to make one new piece of jewellery, every day, for a month.  The rules are that I have to use a piece out of my junk/scrap/’total disaster’ pot and the other elements can only be from the stock I already have.  Nothing will be bought specially or use any of the new items I may buy in the month for commissioned pieces.

I will post a photo of the original piece of “scrap” and the finished piece, every day (even if I don’t finish or I ruin it!).  Due to time constraints, the photos may not be the best but, hey, that’s part of the challenge!

It will be hard, time-wise (I also have 3 cats to look after, 1 with CRF and on medication) and I’m not sure that I will make beautiful, perfect things *every* day, but hopefully it will give me the discipline to work at something even when the creative juices aren’t flowing – and help me see my scrap pieces in a new light.


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