Deconstruction (or Recycling is Good for You)

I have just deconstructed (carefully cut, snipped, broken, twisted off and snapped) all my designs that didn’t make the grade.

Harsh, I know, but jewellery making is all about learning through trial and error; and these were certainly more error than perfection!  My techniques are improving all the time and sometimes, designs just don’t come out right (even when they look beautiful on paper).

Gems were salvaged first and have been put away for another day (I am such a magpie with sparkly things).  That left me with a large pile of silver pieces – some will just be cut up finer and be made into the little “filigran” ball I use for filigree; but the others I have plans for.

I’ve placed some of the pieces flat on my soldering board with filigran balls on weak points (e.g. where lots of wires join) or where they look good.  I use silver solder ready mixed with flux – it comes in a syringe and is great for this type of jewellery as I can place it exactly where it needs to go (and it won’t fall off).   Some I solder with ring shanks, some will be adjustable open-backed rings.  After soldering and pickling, I shape them on my ring mandrel and then off to polish them up to a shine!

Recycled rings – beauty out of chaos and destruction.  Let me know what you think of them!


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