Once upon a time …

I’ve always been a part-time, secret writer of tiny stories and poems – most of which I wouldn’t show even if you got me drunk to giggling point.  If you have read the Sandman graphic novels by Neil Gaiman then you will know about the library in The Dreaming where all the books which have been dreamed of but never written are.  I think I’ve probably got a whole shelf just to myself there.

Anyway, I’ve always given my jewellery a back story whilst it’s being designed and made.  For example, sometimes in my imagination the necklace I’m making is for a wicked fairy’s wedding or to appease a cross water sprite.  I may be making a magic ring to save a princess from a dungeon (no towers in that castle), or a brooch that will turn an you invisible or make you rich (I’d like to keep that one if I could really make it).  I keep the story in mind when I decide on the colours and textures and materials for the piece.  The story then weaves itself into the design as I make it – even if I don’t want it to.

Well, I’ve now decided to let you know the back story – maybe you’ll just want to come and see what the Moon Princess‘s pendant looks like, or what the Mermaid’s treasure turned out to be in the end. Maybe you’ll want to share the story (my little girl loves me to read them to her aloud – but she may just be biased); and maybe the story and the jewellery will become yours.


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