Filigree, PMC, Name Stamps and Falling in Love All Over Again

Yay! I got my name stamp in the post!  Thanks Babette!  After reading the instructions, I bypassed the practice stage and decided to use it for the first time on a new piece I’ve designed called “Belle”.  Here it is:

And here’s the back with the stamp impression:

It’s really wonderful, thank you Babette. 🙂

The design comes about due to two new techniques I’m trying.  As previously posted, I’ve been using PMC slip as a way to build up form on the flat PMC (thank you Terry Kovalcik for the technique) – here, I’ve created a single rose bud  on the central heart shape.

The second technique is the filigree.  This comes about from me buying “Silver Threads” by Jeanne Rhodes-Moen.  As before, I didn’t do any practicing but read up on the technique and went straight into designing and making this first piece.

It’s called “Belle” after the film Beauty and the Beast.  I love the Jean Cocteau version but the Disney film is a favourite with my daughter and so this has a bit of both in it.

All the filigree wire was hand-twisted by me using a hand drill and pin vice, and then flattened by hammer on a small anvil.

In the Norwegian-style of filigree that Jeanne does, the dangles are made of gold.  I decided that gold beads and gold-tinted Swarovski crystals were more my style but still evoked the same feel.

As I’ve used PMC details as well as the traditional silver beads, I was able to join the wire with PMC at some joints instead of solder.  I think that for the next one I may try joining all the pieces with PMC, the twisted wire holds up well to the heat and it seems to be less fiddly than soldering.

The whole thing was finished (before I added the dangles) with a LOS patina and polishing pads.  I really love this piece, it’s bigger than I usually make and there was a real sense of achievement when I had finished.  I may find this one hard to part with.


One response to “Filigree, PMC, Name Stamps and Falling in Love All Over Again

  1. that’s brilliant! love it

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