A New Perspective on My Designs

Sometimes, when I’m designing, I come up with ideas I like but don’t seem quite right when  I put them down on paper.  Well, now  I keep two sketchbooks – one for my scribbles and random thoughts and one for my more finished designs with notes on the sizes and materials (and problems encountered) when creating the final item.

I use tracing paper just a bit smaller than the page in my second sketchbook and trace my “final” designs from the first book.  When I was an art student, I was always told to look at my designs in a mirror to be able to see them objectively – now I just turn my tracing paper over and tape it in.

Have a try – use tracing paper, or mirror/flip your designs over in your photo editing package.  Distancing yourself from your design this way can be just the thing to give new life to designs you’re stuck on or bored with.


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