Looking forward to getting my name stamp

If you’re into working with PMC/Art Clay or Polymer Clay, or even ceramic clay – then you should really check out Babette Cox’s website.

Babette makes wonderful jewellery, but what I’m raving about is her personalised name stamps.  I’ve ordered one with my first name and one for marking .999 FS.  You use them whilst the (in my case)  PMC is still at it’s soft stage, before drying and torching/firing.

At the moment I carve my “spider on a thread” where I can to show an item was made by me and stamp “.999 FS” with a metal punch after the piece is torched and polished.  The only thing is that the metal punch can either not show up right, making the piece look amaturish; or with thinner pieces, it can actually distort or affect the front of the piece (even though I’m stamping the back).  Also, I wanted a professional looking “mark” to show that a piece was mine (as well as it taking a lot less time to do!)

So, when I saw her mentioned  at Murano Silver‘s PMC Tips blog, I just had to check out Babette’s  website.

I originally wanted my first name in my own handwriting, but Babette pointed out that as I wanted a really small stamp it would be better with a typeface.  Babette was very patient with me as our emails went back and forth, with me trying to sort out what I thougth would look best and Babette being the voice of reason. Babette sent a proof of the stamp with multiple sizes (to scale) so I could see what the stamp would look like.

The stamps are a great price but as I am starting out as a business, any expenditure has to be right and not wasteful, so I didn’t feel like I could make a mistake with the sizing or look.

Anyway, my stamps have been decided upon and I’m having trouble waiting patiently (not my best quality) for them to arrive.

I will post again when I’ve tried them out, but thankyou, Babette, in advance!


One response to “Looking forward to getting my name stamp

  1. Great blog, Adrienne… I have some good news for you. The stamp is finished and on it’s way to you today! (Friday, October 22, 2010). From the US to the UK is …..? Hopefully less than 2 weeks? I tried it to check for quality and it’s spot on! ;D

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