Creating jewellery from the heart

It’s hard when you want to be off at your workbench tinkering away, but instead you are chained to the computer trying to figure out and set up stuff on the online shop.

When you create jewellery, each design is special. I like to take time to get the feel of each new piece – find out what it is trying to say, its hidden meanings.

Jewellery is about emotion – how it makes you feel when you wear it; and touch – how it feels when you pick it up and put it on. What some people don’t realise is that it is also about the emotion and touch of the jeweller who made it. Each piece of my jewellery is created, filed, smoothed, polished – all by hand. I love what I do, so I’m always happy when I’m creating my jewellery and I hope that rubs off (pardon the pun) on each and every piece I make.

How could you not love these things when they have already inspired and been shown such happiness in their making?

Jewellery is not just there to look good, or show how much you can afford, or what style you are currently following – it’s very personal and should be as unique as you are yourself.


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